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WAZIHUB IoT Innovation Competition: ready, set, go!


The WAZIHUB  project, funded by the European Commission under H2020 program, was designed to exploit IoT potential and Big-Data technologies best-practices through the involvement of innovators. The project aims to enable the creation of a network of Open Hubs throughout Africa where: 

1. Entrepreneurs and developers can be trained,
2. Innovative IoT technology solutions can be adapted,
3. New business can rise to match local service needs.


The project is supported by 14 partners, 4 from Europe and 10 from Africa. This year, the first IoT Prototyping competition was launched to support IoT enthusiasts to bring to life innovative prototypes that should solve problems in their communities.


The competition is implemented in 6 African countries in collaboration with distinguished tech hubs, members of the project consortium, namely: Kumasi Hive in Ghana, @iLabAfrica in Kenya, SONATEL in Senegal, The MakerSpace Foundation in South Africa, Hive Colab in Uganda and DTBi in Tanzania. 

The project received 114 applications and selected 31 participants, split in 6 teams. For a period of 13 weeks, participants will learn and build IoT prototypes in 4 stages.


Below are presented the teams of the Innovation Competition. The selection of participants was based on the innovativeness of ideas, feasibility of project implementation and competencies of team members. The WAZIHUB consortium wishes well to the selected participants and encourages them to give their best to be among the 3 winners who will be given a € 1,000 award. 



To learn more about WAZIHUB project, please go to: