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TTO Community of Practice 3rd Meeting


On December 8th, approximately 30 African and European members of Community of Practice for knowledge transfer held their 3rd meeting. The introduction was focusing on the future opportunities in Horizon Europe to better link the two continents, in particular in the field of Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment  or Health, but also  Digital, Industry and Space

Anna Wohlrab from WAITRO (World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organizations) presented the newly coming version of the open innovation platform SAIRA platform

The meeting focused on improving 3 discussion topics : 

  • The links between Tech Hubs and TTOs (innovation ecosystem view) 
  • Improving collaboration between Africa and Europe with illustrations from the GUILD (European Research Intensive Universities)  and ARUA  (African Research Universities Alliance) networks (recommendations for fruitful and long term collaborations)
  • Frugal innovation 

During the meeting, attendees shared opinions, thoughts, and suggestions on the 3 topics. The key messages from the discussion were:

1) innovation ecosystem matters, in particular at the local level, and one should be attentive to innovation by local entrepreneurs communities,

2) the urgent need to work for developing networks of trust in order to get ready for the forthcoming opportunities.  

To review the slides of the presentation, please click Download below.