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Africa Task Force Strategic Report by Strategic Forum for International (SFIC)

AEIP Africa Task Force Strategic Report by Strategic Forum for International  (SFIC) Technopolis group

The SFIC Africa Task Force strategic report is an analysis and orientation document expressing the views of the delegations of 11 European countries (AT, BE, DE, FI, FR, EE, ES, HU, MT, NO, and PT) and the European Commission on policy for collaboration with Africa in relation to various aspects of research, innovation and higher education.

The Strategic Forum for International Cooperation (SFIC) is a preparatory body of the Council of the EU that works on the development of the European Research Area. Its Africa Task Force, coordinated by Spain, was established with the goal of taking advantage of the political momentum in order to understand, enhance and develop policy related to collaboration with Africa.

The report was compiled in consultation with over 40 European, African and international stakeholders, beyond the European national delegations and the European Commission, in March 2020 at the first SFIC Africa Strategic Workshop in Brussels. The different stakeholders’ views have been incorporated into the document.

The SFIC Africa Task Force strategic report is structured as follows:

- Section 1. Motivation outlines the main drives for working on this paper at this point in time.

- Section 2. Analysis summarises the current activities and priorities, highlights remarkable initiatives, and enumerates some constraints that need to be mitigated in future collaborations.

- Section 3. Strategic Orientations indicates the main principles for collaboration and states orientations both in terms of instruments and thematically.

- Section 4. Recommendations and Opportunities includes the main implementation recommendations and highlights the opportunities that may enable uptake of the strategic orientations.

- Section 5. Conclusions briefly points out the final intended outcome of this document.

- Section 6. Bibliography,

- Section 7. List of contributors, and

- Section 8. Annex finalise the report with additional relevant information.