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Africa Investment Facility


Africa Investment Facility Resource Innovation Partnership

The Africa Investment Facility (AfIF), set-up in 2015, is the newest of the EU’s regional blending facilities. The blending facilities are innovative financial instruments that use EU development grants to leverage additional funding from European and regional development financial institutions and the private sector. They help implement key infrastructure and private sector support projects that are critical to sustainable development in partner countries worldwide.

AfIF, which is funded mainly from different programmes under the European Development Fund (EDF), but also under the EU's Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI), provides various kinds of grant funding for development projects:

  • Investment grants, to finance specific project components (with, for example, social or environmental added-value) or a percentage of the total project cost (thereby reducing the amount of debt for the partner country).
  • Technical assistance, providing tailored support to meet specific project needs, both during project preparation and implementation. This assistance helps ensure the quality, efficiency and long-term sustainability of a project and may address aspects related to the project-enabling environment or other aspects that are key for a project’s successful implementation.
  • Risk sharing instruments, such as risk capital and guarantees, to allow the available funds to be used efficiently by reducing risks and unlocking additional financing.

This is the first Operational Report for AfIF. The report details the Facility’s operational activities in 2016 and provides a comprehensive overview of the 16 projects funded.