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AEIP training: Empowering Technology Transfer Organisations as key agents of innovation, Session 3: Overview on establishing and growing a TTO

AEIP training #3

On July 7th  2020, the third session of the AEIP training “Empowering Technology Transfer Organisations as key agents of innovation” took place. Central goal was to increase the ability to assess the need for a TTO function and initiate planning for the establishment of a TTO.


The following aspects were discussed:

-Drivers for establishing a TT function

-Important considerations in establishing a TT function

-Policies to support a TT function

-Key success factors for a TT function

The session was led by Dr. Andrew Bailey, Senior Innovation Manager, University of Cape Town, South Africa


Online resources

During the training several useful resources were shared to organise and further develop the TTO function:


Handbooks and books

  • E-book University Technology Transfer: what it is and how to do it by Tom Hockaday

Mr Tom Hockaday is also keynote speaker at the virtual SARIMA conference 2020:

  • Technology Transfer and Innovation Management: A Handbook for Southern African Technology Transfer Offices


Useful benchmarks 

  • South African National Survey of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer at Publicly funded research institutions


  • World Intellectual Property Report 2019 – The Geography of Innovation: Local Hotspots, Global Networks


Route to market

  • Route to market booklets for medical devices and pharmaceutical products


Standard templates for institutions


Peer learning

Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP)

ATTP’s mission is to promote and maintain global standards in knowledge and technology transfer. ATTP does this via the Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) designation, the international professional standard for knowledge transfer and commercialization practitioners working in universities, industry and government labs.


The slides of the training can be downloaded via the button here below.

If you want to watch the training, it is available on the AEIP YouTube channel: