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AEIP training: Empowering Technology Transfer Organisations as key agents of innovation, Session 2: Intellectual Property basics

AEIP training

On July 2nd 2020, the second session of the AEIP training “Empowering Technology Transfer Organisations as key agents of innovation” took place. Central goal was to increase the understanding of the value of IP and the ability to identify different types of IP, their mechanism of protection and when to apply them. The following aspects were discussed:

-Defining IP 

-Types of IP and associated mechanisms of protection 

-Which type of IP to use when 

-Value of IP for innovation 

-Importance of an institutional IP Policy

The session was led by Dr. Joanne van Harmelen, Patent Attorney at ENSafrica


Patent databases

One important step in any patent process is patent landscaping, as Dr. Joanne van Harmelen noted 80% of published science and technology information contained in patents is not published anywhere else. Useful international patent databases shared during the session are:


The slides of the training can be downloaded via the button here below.

If you want to watch the training, it is available on the AEIP YouTube channel.