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Join the AEIP Foodwaste Thematic Challenge!

The AEIP Foodwaste Thematic Challenge has officially been launched! This challenge builds on and expands on the already existing foodwaste platform in the Europe-India Innovation Partnership, which already includes 40+ Indian and European startups developing innovative solutions to foodwaste. For the AEIP Foodwaste Thematic Challenge, we aim to bring together African, European and Indian tech hubs and startups working on the following foodwaste related subtopics (1) smart farming, (2) food processing, (3) logistics and packaging, (4) supply chain management and (5) waste management and recycling, or on any other relevant area. 

As a next step, the AEIP Team will...

a) match startups from all three regions with an overlap or fit in product/business model/geographic focus and

b) reach out to the AEIP tech hubs, public and private sector organisations that may be interested in supporting or sponsoring the initiative, and in particular exchanges between the startups.

Corporates and stakeholder interested in the topic of innovative solutions to foodwaste and supporting startups with market access, are welcome to send an email. We also invite tech hubs in the AEIP network to forward the foodwaste challenge information and profile template with startups. Startups can then directly submit their profiles to us via email at