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The first international COVID-19 stakeholder meeting

The first international COVID-19 stakeholder meeting

The COVID-19 pandemic has put immense pressure on nations of the world to hastily equip themselves to tackle the pandemic with their existing tools and infrastructures. As a response many nations along with international health agencies and research organisations have come together locally or at regional levels to exchange expertise. International organisations have participated in these conversations as funders and healthcare experts but also by providing open access to data resources, data management, data standards etc. Although crucial in setting up and overseeing processes and workflows, many of these regional discussions are happening in parallel to each other and there is an urgency to connect these efforts to each other as ultimately a global response and cross disciplinary approach are required to address the negative societal effects that the pandemic has had on the world.

As joint project between EMBL-EBI, ELIXIR, the European Commission, the European Open Science Cloud and several other partners, the European COVID-19 Data Platform enables rapid access to datasets and results pertaining to the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, which will accelerate research and support the development of diagnostics, therapeutics and effective vaccines. Further aim of the Platform is to enable deeper conversations between molecular and clinical data and other relevant fields such as social sciences and humanities, policies and standards.

The first international COVID-19 stakeholder meeting aims to bring together the global experts in the domains of healthcare, research, technology and policy making who are directly implicated in the COVID-19 activities. The meeting will be virtual and will take place towards the end of October. More specifically, we invite representatives from government and regional agencies, international health and research organisations, scientists and health professionals. The meeting will present an opportunity to highlight ongoing work and particularly identify areas where implementation of policies and initiatives will benefit from global collaboration.

Please send names (name, affiliation, email address) of your nominated participants for consideration to Kostas Repanas and we will follow up with the official invitation.

To learn more about the European COVID-19 Data Platform, please go here: