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European Research & Innovation Days

European Research and Innovation Days - join International Cooperation Hub!

European Research and Innovation Days is the European Commission’s annual flagship Research and Innovation event, bringing together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the public to debate and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe and beyond. This year, it is a fully virtual event. The event will take place on 22-24 September 2020.

By creating connections between cutting-edge scientific research and the most pressing challenges of a generation, the European Research and Innovation Days represent a unique opportunity to join the conversation and enact real change. From tackling the climate crisis to building a digital world that works for everyone, we’ll delve into the questions that shape who we are and the future we want to live in: it’s time to get involved!

The event is all about collaboration: bringing together individuals and experts from all areas to build connections and ignite a brighter future. To register, check out the programme and the speakers, please go here:

The policy conference forms the core of the European Research and Innovation Days. Divided into ambitious plenary sessions spanning the depth and breadth of research and innovation in Europe, and specialised hubs covering 10 pivotal themes, it brings cutting-edge scientific research to concrete global problems. One of these themes is International Cooperation! 

The Covid-19 crisis has made a strong and urgent case for strengthened international cooperation, highlighting the need to join up international efforts to face global challenges and find common solutions. Forward-thinking research and innovation policy steers resources and efforts towards the best outcomes for Europe and its partners. Building upon joint achievements, the upcoming Horizon Europe framework programme will further strengthen global cooperation in research and innovation in health, the green transition, innovation and digital.

Sessions in this theme/hub will cover the following:

  • the future of EU relations in research and innovation with non-EU countries 
  • association to Horizon Europe
  • the global responses to Covid-19
  • climate diplomacy 

In addition, one of the sessions will discuss how best to develop an international research and innovation space of common goals, principles and values, ensuring multilateral cooperation and purposeful openness. To register for this event and to get more details about the sessions on International Cooperation, please go to: