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AEIP booklet

Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership Booklet: Learn more about the initiative!

The Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership has developed a booklet that presents activities and importance of the initiative for both continents. Based on presented theory of change, the AEIP is expected to lead to stronger Africa-Europe innovation ecosystems, improve changes for start-ups to access technology, innovation collaboration, markets and EU funding opportunities. Due to increased collaboration, an active learning process will help to refine Africa-Europe innovation policy and stimulate innovation-driven growth in both continents. Moreover, the initiative is expected to support achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

To realise goals of the initiative, the AEIP innovation system strategy focuses on tech hubs and technology transfer actors, as well as, on their collaboration with other innovation actors. Monitoring and evaluation system keeps track of the progress to determine the outcomes and impacts of the initiative. The booklet presents the map of involved actors in Africa and Europe and their testimonies.

In order to access the booklet please download the file below or check out our resources (click on Resources below).