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JIC innovation agency

AEIP Member Spotlight: JIC

JIC innovation agency– business with a purpose 

JIC is an innovation agency in the Czech Republic. It empowers people to create businesses that can change the world. JIC envisions an open innovation ecosystem – home to globally successful entrepreneurs and an inspiration for the world. JIC supports, guides, inspires and teaches, it believes that only people who see their work or business as meaningful can be simultaneously successful and enjoy satisfying lives. 

About one hundred South Moravian companies come through JIC's programs each year, from start-up entrepreneurs driven by a new idea to established firms. With this throughput, JIC has contributed in creating one of the most innovative entrepreneurial systems in Central Europe. Since it was established in 2003, there have been more than 300 companies (with combined revenues amounting to CZK 30 billion and almost 6,500 employees) supported by JIC.

International collaboration

Since the vision of JIC is open innovation ecosystem, the tech hub is seeking new partners outside our region and EU. Thanks to the AEIP, JIC have been able to find a partner on the African continent, a new cooperation territory for JIC. 

With SoftStart BTI from Johannesburg, JIC has agreed to do the following:

1) Connect clients' companies,

2) Pursue a mission of SoftStart to JIC in 2021.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemics hinders joint efforts in the second half of 2020 and tech hubs cannot really present any success story yet.

To learn more about the JIC, please check their website: