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Incubateur Descartes

AEIP Member Spotlight: Incubateur Descartes

Incubateur Descartes is an early stage innovation-based incubator, located in the Grand Paris region, France. It focuses on solutions to build the cities and territories of tomorrow (energy, mobility, smart city, etc.). After selection, the incubator provides the following services: a project roadmap, coaching and mentoring, training to reinforce your entrepreneurial competencies, support to raise public and private funding, loans, access to a talent pool of service providers including a fablab. A more detailed description of the incubator can be found here:

Incubateur Descartes joined the Africa Europe Innovation Partnership (AEIP) since the beginning, as the management of the incubator realises that the African continent will see the biggest changes in terms of city growth in the 21st century. Thus, the incubator wants to initiate some co-developments between startups.

This July, in partnership with the Afrilabs network and Innovus from South Africa, Incubateur Descartes launched a molecular start-up competition the “Aggregator 2020” across the continents. The aim of the competition is to identity start-ups and SMEs fighting Covid-19 alongside the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The three tech hubs decided to join forces because they have similar products and could trigger co-innovation. More information about the "Aggregator 2020" can be found here:

After the “Aggregator 2020” deadline set end of October, Afrilabs, Innovus and Incubateur Descartes will engineer with the winners solutions for them to work closer and together. This molecular startup initiative can be replicated in the following years.

If you want to meet the director of Incubateur Descartes, Jean-Christophe de Tauzia, have a look at the video from the first AEIP event.