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President of BBI - Soulamane Konkobo

AEIP member spotlight: Burkina Business Incubator

Burkina Business Incubator (BBI) is a nonprofit business incubation, a platform for the maturation of innovative project ideas and training in entrepreneurship, business creation and business development. Founded in 2016, it offers a platform for the promotion of entrepreneurship through the selection of innovative and high-potential projects. The platform provides support from idea generation to product launch, assisting startups with business modelling, market researching, technical issues, training of entrepreneurs, fundraising and legal advice.

The mandate of Burkina Business Incubator is to contribute to economic growth of Burkina Faso and local development by stimulating the culture of entrepreneurship and self-employment, the creation of enterprises and building the capacity of existing SMEs. In addition, the BBI promotes innovation and facilitates access to financial and technical partnerships. In terms of sectors, the BBI mainly supports projects in agriculture, ICT, environment and clean energy, tourism and hospitality, and crafts sectors.  

To date, the BBI has provided assistance to 38 startups from various business fields, notably the energy sector. The list of BBI services includes: 

  • To host entrepreneurs (incubated) and offer them the conditions required to take their ideas forward;
  • To support project bearers in the development of a solid entrepreneurial and managerial know-how to transform a skill, a product or an idea into a viable and sustainable business;
  • To offer training sessions through collective workshops to help entrepreneurs in development of new skills. This would professionalise their approaches to starting a business;
  • To facilitate networking and synergies between all incubated entrepreneurs on the one hand and the different partners on the other hand;
  • To organize events in a planned way around business, entrepreneurship, financing, taxation, etc. for the entrepreneurs and the general public.

The motivation of the BBI for joining the AEIP is to further learn about the African and European counterparts’ experiences and to establish deeper connections with peer African and European hubs. This is expected to take the Incubator and its services forward - towards strong entrepreneurship and economic development in Burkina Faso. In addition, the BBI enjoys sharing their experience and inspiring other hubs. 

With the AEIP network, the BBI is pursuing the following collaborative activities: 

  1. Leverages each other’s experiences and strengths to participate in calls for proposals from different organisations and governments;
  2. Develops joint projects and raises funding to implement them;
  3. Shares technical resources through online trainings;
  4. Visits each one’s hubs to inspire, learn and establish formal and lasting collaboration;
  5. Embarks on common work on some entrepreneurs’ projects (design, prototyping, partnerships, fundraising etc.);
  6. Opens market opportunities for entrepreneurs in partner hubs’ portfolios. 

At the moment, the BBI is pursuing intense collaboration with Technoport. In the future, the tech hubs intend to participate in calls for proposals and to develop joint projects in Burkina Faso. They also plan to visit each one’s hubs to inspire, learn and establish formal and lasting collaboration in specific fields. Through a project with the government of Luxembourg, the BBI and Technoport are launching a series of projects in various fields, such as healthtech, fintech, gaming.