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AEIP member spotlight: ActivSpaces

ActivSpaces is the first private tech hub in Cameroon, launched in 2010. ActivSpaces is a Technological Innovation Center of Excellence that accompanies Cameroonian tech startups throughout their entrepreneurial cycle. The tech hub offers incubation programs where young entrepreneurs hatch their genius by bringing ideas to life. Currently, ActivSpaces has 2 operating locations, the first one was opened in the city of Buea, Cameroon, and some years later another one was opened in the city of Douala, Cameroon. 

The tech hub brings together the technological communities by offering collaborative work spaces. In addition, ActivSpaces has set up a creative and multidisciplinary marketspace that allows to develop prototypes. This marketspace provides facilities to carry out digital, electro technical and even mechatronic projects (embedded systems, 3D modeling and printing, programming, rasbery pi, mini solar kit).

ActivSpaces is looking for opportunities to connect with European hubs to learn from their business models that could be applied in Cameroon. The Africa Europe Innovation Partnership (AEIP) provides a useful platform to network with other hubs to build fruitful collaborations. As of right now, ActivSpaces is pursuing 2 collaborations within the AEIP network. Apart from that, the tech hub continues to look for the best ways to collaborate with EU tech hubs, particularly in projects that focus on Agri Tech in Europe and Africa.