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Building Back Greener

AEIP Fifth Event: Building Back Greener, powered by Science Forum

The Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership (AEIP) is organising a virtual event, under the patronage of the South African Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation, as part of their annual Science Forum. The AEIP is an initiative of the African Union-European Union High Level Policy Dialogue, with funding from the EC, aiming to support and connect innovation and technology incubators, accelerators and technology transfer actors from both continents. It was launched by the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission in September 2019 in Nairobi (Kenya), to strengthen innovation cooperation between Africa and the EU.

Event description

This year the annual Science Forum will be held virtually from 9th-11th of December. Also in this virtual context the Science Forum will be a platform for international and multi-stakeholder dialogue on science and innovation. Its role in the recovery will be an additional focus, which will build up towards next year’s World Science Forum in partnership with UNESCO. Building back greener is an important shared ambition, which will be the central focus of the AEIP programming as part of the Science Forum. The forum caters to a mixed and numerous audiences covering policy makers, innovation agencies, IP offices, TTOs, public, scientists, innovation systems, bilateral multilateral partners focusing on technologies, indigenous knowledge & innovation systems.

The Science Forum programme consists of two tracks: [1] main programme and [2] side events. The AEIP will organise multiple sessions, as part of the main programme of the Science Forum and as part of the side events. The sessions as part of the main programme will be of interest to various stakeholders as diverse perspectives are covered on sustainable innovation. Participants will hear more on the shared strategic perspective as has taken shape via the European Green Deal and related investment opportunities via the Horizon 2020 European Green Deal Call. What this can bring in collaborations between Africa and Europe as will be illustrated by a.o. Ms. Maria Cristina Russo from the European Commission and Anna Ekeledo from Afrilabs. Sustainable innovation takes shape in many contexts. Related fields such as capital investment, corporates, entrepreneurship and policy will share their experiences in an interactive panel discussion. 

On 10th December, a learning session on sustainable business modelling for cleantech will take place. Webinar participants will learn to apply sustainable business model design patterns to an innovation challenge or a new business idea in the field of cleantech. More details about this webinar can be found here:

Other sessions organised by the AEIP will focus on fostering collaborations between African and European tech hubs, in particular the ones active in cleantech. Selected tech hubs will be working on this on Tuesday the 8th of December, as Science Forum side event. Tech hubs, technology transfer offices and entrepreneurs will be welcome to participate in the webinar on incubation in green tech as well, to learn more from the experts in the field. The Community of Practice will also convene again during the side sessions; to discuss the newest findings on collaborations between tech-hubs and Technology Transfer Offices, Collaboration between Africa and Europe for impacts (SDGs) and related to Frugal Innovation.  

To register to the event, please go here:

The flyer provides more details about the event programme. Please go to Files below!


Africa and Europe have a long-standing political partnership and are increasingly enhancing their collaboration. Start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs play a key role in professionalising, innovating and internationalising. Connecting innovation ecosystems will benefit these parties as it allows access to new networks, resources and innovative impulses. As the Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership welcomes more partners to join the network is steadily growing. Anyone interested to learn more about the possibilities is welcome to join us at the Science Forum.