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AEIP EdTech Thematic Challenge

AEIP has officially launched its third thematic challenge! All startups working on EdTech are invited to sign up for this challenge via this link before April 5th. 

Why have we launched this challenge

Matching African and European innovators around a global challenge has proven to be valuable, as was the case with the AEIP cleantech challenge. In addition to the currently launched foodwaste challenge there is another major global challenge which could benefit greatly through collaboration: access to quality education and lifelong learning (SDG4). 

Before the Covid-19 pandemic some improvements were slowly achieved, according to UNESCO progress has stalled in recent years, and children from marginalized groups continue to face significant barriers to accessing, attending and completing primary school. In Uganda, only 12% of the poorest 14- to 16 year olds had completed primary school in 2011.

This has worsened substantially as schools closed during the Covid-19 pandemic, affecting disproportionally children in poor households. Besides closing this gap for children there is another challenge for adults. To stay competitive, it is necessary to reskill part of the workforce. Promotion of lifelong learning is still necessary and a speedy uptake is vital. 

How can you participate in this challenge

Via this challenge we aim to match startups from Africa and Europe to meet and possibly join forces to increase their impact. All startups working in primary / secondary / vocational education, lifelong learning, E-learning, Offline and SMS based learning, Tutoring, Education management and -last but not least- Female empowerment are most welcome to join. 

It all starts by answering a few questions via this link which will take a few minutes of your time. We will then compile an overview with all startups received. With your answers we will be able to organise the matchmaking based on your expressed needs. Please submit your answers before April 5th.

We will also further explore collaboration opportunities with corporate and government partners to support the startups