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AEIP calendar


The AEIP is all set for the GREEN DECEMBER TO REMEMBER, packed with sessions on Green Innovations and Partnerships! Check the calendar for all informative webinars and networking events with actors involved in the green sector!

December 1st

10.00-11:30 CET 

AEIP webinar on a Green Deal Africa call - LC-GD-2-3-2020: "Accelerating the green transition and energy access Partnership with Africa” | Learning session

This is the first out of two sessions on a Green Deal Africa call. The first session will focus on presenting the H2020 as a whole and the specific call. It is intended mainly for African stakeholders who may have limited knowledge and understanding of how to apply for H2020. It will also target tech hubs and other multiplier organisations who may like to share information on the call among their beneficiaries.

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December 2nd

10.00-11:30 CET 

AEIP webinar on Green Deal Africa call - LC-GD-2-3-2020: "Accelerating the green transition and energy access Partnership with Africa” | Matchmaking session

The second session of a webinar will focus on facilitating the development of partnerships between African and European organisation in order to apply to the call by the January deadline, by means of an on-line matchmaking event. It is intended for both European and African stakeholders. 

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December 8th

9.15-15.30 CET/ 10.15-16.30 SAST

AEIP5 Science Forum Side session for selected Tech Hubs directors | African & European Tech hub [cleantech] matching sessions

This session is all about matching tech hubs from Africa and Europe, it will integrate a new cohort of 12 African and 12 European tech hubs (cohort 2) that have not participated in any previous networking events. In addition, 10 cohort 1 tech hubs (5 African and 5 European) that participated in previous networking events, and are actively involved in the AEIP tech hub cleantech challenge, will be exploring further collaborations during this session. The objective will be for these cohort 1 tech hubs to showcase their start-ups developing cleantech solutions and share their challenges and success stories of collaborative activities they have pursued with tech hubs in the network.

December 8th

10.00-12.00 CET/ 11.00-13.00 SAST

AEIP5 Science Forum Side session for Technology Transfer Offices | Interim Community of Practice meeting

As part of the AEIP5 Science Forum South Africa side sessions an interim meeting with Community of Practice of Technology Transfer Offices will be held. The overall objective of the meeting is to share news and develop a collective reflexion on collaborative topics based on three case studies (Improving Tech Hubs and TTOs, Collaboration between Africa and Europe for impacts (SDG) and Frugal Innovation).

December 10th

12.30-14.00 CET/ 13.30-15.00 SAST

AEIP5 Science Forum main programme for Tech Hub business developers | Learning session on sustainable business modelling for cleantech

This learning session is pitched to business developers and programme managers seeking to enhance their knowledge on how to apply sustainable business model design patterns to an innovation challenge or a new business idea in the field of cleantech. Amongst others, experts from UX Berlin will cover the following issues:

- How to capitalise on the green and social values that motivate and guide green start-ups in delivering sustainable innovations?

- How to support the process of growing a business idea to

convert it into a profitable and sustainability-oriented business models innovation in cleantech?

- How to improve the sustainability profile of an existing business idea?

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December 10th

14.30-16.00 CET/15.30-17.00 SAST

AEIP5 Science Forum main programme for all | Sustainable innovation forum on "Building back greener: opportunities across the board"

Building back greener can only be done by connecting many stakeholders from different sectors with diverse expertise, this session is about everyone of us. During the Sustainable Innovation policy forum perspectives, learnings and opportunities from policy makers, corporates, tech hubs and investors will be shared on building back greener.

During the official opening the building back greener goal will be illustrated with opportunities within the thematic and horizontal ambitions facilitated via the Horizon2020 European Green Deal Call. Multiple stakeholders will reflect on these opportunities as well during the interactive panel discussion. A more operational perspective will be shared with the highlights from AEIP participants on a.o. new partnerships and takeaways from the sessions.

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