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AEIP Empowering Technology Transfer Organisations as key agents of innovation Technopolis Group

Event details

Target group: Tech Transfer organisations and / relevant university or research organisation departments. 


Why participate?

  • Learn and hear from top-level experts on how your organisation can better support and manage technology transfer activities and increase societal impact of research.
  • Meet and exchange contacts and experiences with other African TTOs and research institutions.
  • Enjoy the experience of personalised and tailored on-line training.

What will participation cover?

  • You must identify one senior representative who will attend the on-line event.
  • You will be provided access to the on-line sessions, personalised support from trainers, and the supporting documents and tools developed and used as part of the workshop.
  • You will also be invited to join the AEIP policy forum with our tech transfer community of practice on the 23rd of June.

How to join us?
1. Identify the right person to attend the workshop (preferably someone from your organisation's technology transfer management team)
2. Fill out and submit the (extremely short) application found here:
3. Write to us if you have any questions:
4. Selected participants will be expected to participate in the full event and actively contribute to the on-line sessions.


The Africa Europe Innovation Partnership (AEIP) supported by the European Commission would like to extend to you an invitation to join the on-line capacity building workshop “Empowering Technology Transfer Organisations as key agents of innovation” (see flyer attached for further details). This training session is being organised in the framework of the fourth AEIP event focusing on Technology Transfer, on the basis of the research and networking activities carried out by the AEIP in recent months. 

The training session will be delivered in collaboration with the Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association (SARIMA). SARIMA is an organisation that brings together Research and Innovation Management practitioners, to strengthen these disciplines and institutional capabilities across the SADC region. It will take place over the course of four online sessions between the month of June and July 2020. Each session will focus on a different aspect of Technology Transfer and the building and development of Technology Transfer Organisations. 

Joining the workshop will also provide you with access to the high level event organised by the AEIP on June 23rd, which will bring together European and African authorities and Technology Transfer Community of Practice members to discuss the sate of the art of collaboration between both continents in this field. For more information on the event and trainers please find flyer attached below. 

If you would like to join, we ask that you fill out the Expression of Interest (EoI) which is found here:  by June 11th at the latest. The results of the EoI screening will be announced during the second week of June at the latest.