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Exploring leapfrogging opportunities for technologies despite the infrastructural deficit.

15 June, 2021 | 1:00pm–2:30pm CEST | Online

Progressively more businesses operating in African markets are adopting digital solutions to monitor their supply chain or broaden their core business.

This applies to startups and large, established corporations. DIGILOGIC, an H2020 project, is at work, with five Digital Innovation Hubs (three DIHs in Europe and two in Africa) to support SMEs, innovators to meet the challenges ahead. In the context of the 8th International Physical Internet Conference, DIGILOGIC brings together experts on the ground to discuss which are the key logistic nodes where digitalisation can impact the most.


Stephane Jarmache, CEO Middle East and Africa ISS Global Forwarding
Chuka Alumona , Director, Global Go-To-Market Transformation and Distributor Operations, P&G
Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu, Founder ColdHubs
Sendy Malaika Judd, Co-founder of Sendy
Kingsly Kwalar, CEO of Optimiz


Thorsten Huelsmann, CEO Digital Hub Logistics

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The event is organized by DIGILOGIC project, funded by the EU’s H2020 Programme under the Grant Agreement number 101016583