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Developing sustainable business models for tech hubs and linking technology transfer practitioners

Event details

Marseille, France

In Marseille, on 2-5th of December, on the occasion of Emerging Valley (3-6 December), we are gathering tech hubs and technology transfer actors from Europe and Africa to pursue the development of partnerships for the second Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership event.

The Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) of the European Commission has launched this Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership in September in Nairobi (Kenya), a novel initiative fostering innovation cooperation between Africa and Europe. The Partnership embedded as a pilot initiative of the EU-AU High-Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology & Innovation.

Through several co-creation activities and networking sessions, this initiative connects tech hubs (incubators, accelerators, design labs etc.) and other key innovation stakeholders from both African and European countries and supports them in launching partnerships and developing intercontinental collaboration. The Africa-Europe Innovation Partnership is also exploring models for technology exchange as well as organising capacity-upgrading sessions on cooperation with technology transfer offices, access to finance and EU funding, co-creation and design thinking and more. Moreover, tech hubs are being encouraged to engage in staff and start-up exchange.

The main objective of this event is twofold:

  1. Creating a Community of Practice in the field of technology exchange to link African and European actors in the field of technology exchange, transfer and pooling
  2. Supporting the development of sustainable business models for African tech hubs through capacity upgrading and exchange of practices

The sessions will be a mix of activities including workshops, exchange of best practices, networking sessions, capacity upgrading sessions.

This event, divided in two parallel sessions, will bring together around 20 tech hubs from all over Africa and around 15 tech transfer organisations (TTO) and high-level experts in technology transfer networks from Africa and Europe. Various platforms that link African and European innovation actors will also be present. Each session is accompanied by its own agenda, which can be both found below. 

The Emerging Valley event is organised by Samir Abdelkrim, an expert of the AEIP Board of Advisors and professional journalist. This event links innovation-related stakeholders from Europe and Africa: in 2018, it had gathered more than 100 Tech4Good African startups, 40 investors and 35 African tech hubs. In 2019, Emerging Valley is partnering with the French Development Agency and the European Commission to expand the scope of the event and its impact by increasing synergies between different programmes.

Key network partners of this initiative include Afrilabs, EBN, CCHUB, Emerging Valley, Next Society and VC4Africa.