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The AEIP is organising two new training sessions on « Sustainable Business Modelling for Cleantech » with two great experts in the field of sustainable innovation! Professors Henning Breuer and Florian Lüdeke -Freund on May 4th and May 18th. 

In the first webinar, on May 4th, you will learn to apply sustainable business model design patterns to an innovation challenge or a new business idea in the field of cleantech. Using an online collaboration platform,  you will generate and prioritise ideas, and learn how to advance the business model in a sustainability-oriented manner. 

Two weeks later, on May 18th, about 5 participants will be given the opportunity to present their experience in using the platform and get further insights from the experts to refine and enhance their skills and knowledge methodologically in using the tool, and thematically in the subject area. 

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